Welcome to the 2019 MidSouth Pharmacy Residents Conference!  

We are delighted that you would join us for the 11th annual MidSouth Pharmacy Residents Conference. You are our guests, and we wish for this to be a memorable meeting during which new knowledge and best practices are shared, and professional relationships are begun and enhanced. The opportunity to present the results of your work to an audience of peers is an important part of our professional collaboration, and is foundational in the propagation of meaningful knowledge.  The occasion of this meeting also draws individuals together who might not otherwise have an opportunity to interact.

Congratulations to you, Residents, who have invested so much of yourselves to develop a proposal, design methods, collect and analyze data, form conclusions and generate recommendations.  Many thanks also go to Preceptors and Program Directors who have served as project advisors and mentors, and who have provided encouragement and guidance to these residents in this work.

We would like to thank Drs. Alison Apple, Kelly Bobo, Kristie Gholson, Ben Gross, Marilyn Lee, Scott Malinowski, Shawn McFarland, Jennifer Pauley, Alicia Perry, Leigh Ann Ross, Joe Swanson and Casey White for providing valuable input and assistance in developing this conference, and the many St. Jude employees who have collaborated to put together the details that make this meeting possible.

Best wishes for your every success!

William Greene, PharmD                             Mary Relling, PharmD
Chief Pharmaceutical Officer                    Chair
Pharmaceutical Services                              Pharmaceutical Sciences