MPRC Presenters:

The guidelines outlined below are to help in the preparation of your slides for the MidSouth Pharmacy Residents Conference.

Universal Activity Number (UAN): Each presentation will be assigned a unique Universal Activity Number that is issued by ACPE. You will receive the UAN for your presentation in a separate email.

Requirements: For ACPE purposes, there are specific items that MUST be included within your presentation: the UAN, a statement regarding conflicts of interest or financial disclosures, at least one learning objective and one self-assessment question. We recommend the following order:

  • PowerPoint file type must be .pptx and created in widescreen format (16:9)

  • Title slide: with UAN, name & affiliation of presenter, and a statement regarding conflicts of interests/financial disclosures

  • Learning objective and assessment question. Please use the assessment question previously provided within your abstract.

  • Background to the project/study

  • Goal/objective(s) for the project/study

  • Methods employed

  • Results (if no Results, please use the wording "Results Pending")

  • Conclusions (postulated conclusion based on what you do know, if you have no results at the time of your presentation)

  • Audience response question: re-list the same assessment question, with multiple choice answers: (1) best answer and (3) reasonable detractors. The audience will raise their hand to participate.

  • Answer to question

Length of Presentation: Approximately 12 minutes total. A good rule of thumb is 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions. If you exceed 15 minutes, you will be asked by the moderator to conclude your presentation. 


  1. EMAIL: Beginning Monday, April 8, 2019, you may email your COMPLETE and FINAL presentation to  NO CHANGES may be made once your presentation has been emailed. Note: once you have emailed your presentation, you cannot load an updated version at the conference - emailed submissions are FINAL. Early submission will save you time the morning of your presentation!

  2. ONSITE: Loading onsite via flash drive: If you are scheduled to present on Thursday, April 25, you may upload Thursday morning. If you are scheduled to present on Friday, April 26, you will may begin loading Thursday evening at 5:30 and Friday morning beginning at 6:30. Specific uploading times and locations will be listed on the agenda which will be posted as the conference date nears.

Following are examples of slides for title, learning objective(s), and audience response question(s). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.